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palet moutardi MOUTARDI SRL was founded in 2005. The main activity of our company is production of PALLETS and EUROPALLETS, and the second activity is production of TIMBER

In business relations with clients from Romania and the European Union we focus on seriousness, promptly and satisafaction of the the exact needs of our customers.
Moutardi SRL tries to understand, develop and sustain its customers business, our company shows "the care and attention" for customers and provide advices and viable solutions when the customer is not sure of what are the real needs in its activities .

Our offer of pallets and europallets is characterized by a flexibility adapted to material sizes and prices as close is possible to what the client really needs in its activities.

We focus our activity of sale pallets and europallets on seriousness, premptitude and flexible prices for our clients.

Production of PALLETS
Our company offers 4 size standardized of pallets. Our clients can choose from 5 preset patterns of pallets or may require an offer by its size depending on needs Comment

Production of EUROPALLETS
We provide to our customers Europallets at EUROSTAS size, as well in this case, the client can request a bid of pallets by size and according to their needs. Comment

Production of TIMBER
One of secondary activities for Moutardi SRL is the production of timber and pallet elemnts at request of our clients. Comment