The company S.C. MOUTARDI S.R.L. was founded in 2005 and it is a family business. The main purpose when setting up the company was the manufacture of pallets and EURO pallets and this purpose has been kept over the years even though the range of products has diversified (we started to make timber and firewood) and it has been adapted to market requirements, as well as to the supply and trend of prices on the log market.

We are two generations at the helm of the company: the old one that founded it and that comes with experience and ensures stability and the new one that is educated in economics and marketing and comes also with vision, dynamism and immediate adaptation to market changes both in terms of supply and sale. The company management consists in a Commercial Manager, a Production Manager, a Financial Manager, an Accountant and two Shift Managers.

The staff
The production staff fluctuates, depending on the season, between 20 and 25 employees. Our production capacity (in three shifts) is of one freight lorry per day regardless of type or size. Shifts are staffed by 10 employees + a shift manager per shift and an electronics mechanic and a machine operator only on the daytime shift. Most of our employees have more than 5 years of seniority in the company, an extensive experience in the field of packaging production and, over time, they have specialised in custom pallets, which are more difficult to make, have special requirements and demand special attention and skills.

In terms of our technology, production is ensured by a complete state-of-the-art "Mebor" cutting line - Slovenia. Log cutting is computer-based, which makes our cutting tolerances very low and product quality very high. Cutting is the first major part of our production process. The second part of the production process is assembly. Assembly is done with "MAX" - Japan and "Bostitch" - Sweden air nail guns that can nail starting from 28 mm and up to 100 mm covering the entire range of nails for pallets. In addition to classic machinery and equipment, we also use, as the case may be: a mill cutter (to make banding grooves when required), a thicknesser (to gel and smooth the boards on some sides so as not to damage the merchandise in certain cases), "FAR" - Italy air rivet staplers (mainly used for assembling wooden crates for pallets).

In addition to production, we can provide heat treatment according to IPPC - ISMP15, as well as drying. We own an industrial dryer of 280 m3 with a drying capacity and/or heat treatment for a batch of 2 lorries of finished goods (one of the largest in Romania).

We also have a mechanical workshop provided with a turning lathe, so that most of the workpieces can be repaired or made in-house. This makes production delays due to technical failures very short and allows us to make deliveries on time.

We also provide our clients with consultancy in terms of product configuration, product design and technical drawings. The client provides us with information about the merchandise and how it is used (such as type of merchandise - dynamic or static, type of merchandise packaging, merchandise weight, merchandise distribution on pallets, pallet use - for storage, transport or both, how many times the pallet is used etc.).