EUR/EPAL Pallets: UIC standard

Our company produces euro pallets according to the UIC-435 standard, but we do not stamp them with EUR or EPAL and do not license this type of pallet. Although we have the necessary technology to manufacture euro pallets (such as cutting, nailing and drying/heat-treatment), for strictly economic and wood profitability reasons, the management has decided, for the time being, not to apply for the licence for this type of pallets. However, we sell imported euro pallets that are licensed and stamped according to the above mentioned standard. We resorted to this solution for the simple reason that licensed EURO pallets are cheaper to sell if we import them and unlicensed ones are cheaper to sell if we make them ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to sell cheap euro pallets, that is, at the best price for the client whether the client wants them licensed or unlicensed.

However, for clients who want licensed EPAL euro pallets according to the UIC-435-2 standard, our company imports of such euro pallets, made of softwood, from Ukraine.


At a lower price, we can offer production solutions to companies interested in buying euro pallets similar to the structure and strength of EUR / EPAL pallets, but unstamped and unlicensed.
At a higher price (by about 15%), we can offer prices and import-based solutions to companies interested in buying euro pallets according to the UIC-435 standard that are licensed and stamped EUR / EPAL.

The following can also influence the price of EURO pallets:

  • if they have to be thermally treated, their price will generally increase by 2%
  • if they have to be dried at a 12-14% moisture, the price per piece will be higher by approximately 10% (+/-2% depending on the size)
  • type of wood: we offer the lowest price for euro pallets made of poplar and the highest price for beech EURO pallets. In our opinion, the optimal solution (best value for money) for EURO pallets we can offer is euro pallets made of softwood (fir, pine, spruce, larch or duglas).

ordered quantity: the best transport price for euro pallets we can offer for large lorries (13.6 m semi-trailers) that can fit 812 pcs. If less than 812 pieces are ordered (a large lorry), the transport price per piece will increase and the final price of the euro pallet, too.

Euro pallet sizes and characteristics

Europalet din lemn 800x1200 EUR-1
EUROPALET 800x1200x144 mm. - EUR 1
Europalet din lemn 1200x1000 EUR-2
EUROPALET 1200x1000x162 mm. - EUR 2
Europalet din lemn 1000x1200 EUR-3
EUROPALET 1000x1200x144 mm. - EUR 3
Europalet din lemn 800x600 EUR-6
EUROPALET 800x600x144 mm. - EUR 6



Common EURO pallet sizes: EUR 1 - 800x1200 mm and EUR 3 - 1000x1200 mm.

Less common EURO pallet sizes: EUR 2 - 1200x1000 mm and EUR 6 - 600x800 mm.

New EURO pallet sizes: the following have been implemented: 800x600 mm. EUR 7 (with Dusseldorf pallet feet), as well as EPAL pallets type CP (CP1-CP9).

Note : EURO pallet sizes have been standardised according to the means of transport to streamline the cost of transport for goods. For example, a lorry trailer has a useful width of 2.4 m. If the goods are packed on 800x1200 mm pallets, the trailer width will allow 2 EURO pallets on the 1200 mm side or three EURO pallets on the 800 mm side. The useful space of the trailer will be fully used and the transport will be maximised.

Advantages and disadvantages of EURO PALLETS

Europaleti din lemn, avantaje si dezavantaje


EURO pallet advantages: The main advantage is their resistance and that they can be recovered and reused many times. If they are not to be recovered or if they are rarely recovered, if the merchandise is light or if the company buying the palletised merchandise does not ask specifically for EUR / EPAL pallets, our recommendation is to use NON-EURO pallets for the simple reason that EUR / EPAL pallets are very bulky in terms of wood, have higher production costs than other pallets and are much more expensive.

For companies not knowing whether or not they need an EURO pallet or a NON-EURO pallet, the simplest answer is to find out if the recipient of the goods asks for the pallet to be EUR / EPAL stamped and/or licensed. If the merchandise recipient does not have such a requirement, then make a calculation for the "cost per use" for the EUR / EPAL pallet and then for the NON-EURO pallet. If the pallet is to be recovered and reused many times, the EUR / EPAL pallet (although initially expensive) will be cheaper per use. The NON-EURO pallet will be cheaper per use if used seldom or only one time (if you need single use pallets, we recommend the disposable pallet).

EURO pallet disadvantages: The only and great disadvantage we can point to for EURO pallets is the very high consumption of wood to make an EURO pallet. For example, one cubic meter of wood, depending on log quality, gives out between 10 and 14 EURO pallets, while the same cubic meter of wood will give 30 and 45 simple pallets.
The large volume of wood consumed makes the EURO pallet the most expensive standard pallet sold globally at the moment.

Conclusion: It is worth buying EURO pallets at the EUR/EPAL standard only and only if you recover and reuse them several times. To become at least as cheap as a disposable pallet, an EURO pallet must be recovered and reused at least 5 times. The moment an EURO pallet is reused more than 5 times, its cost per use will be lower than that of simple pallets, disposable pallets. In this case, the best solution is to use simple pallets.


europalet nou vs europalet sh

New EURO pallets: In our view, it is worth buying new EURO pallets only if you do not find enough second hand EURO pallets on the market because a second hand EURO pallet can do the same thing as a new EURO pallet, but at a lower price (usually half the price). However, there are companies that, for internal reasons related to their philosophy or product, prefer to buy only new EURO pallets.

Second hand EURO pallets : We have a regular stock of used EURO pallets of 1st quality (white) or 2nd quality (grey/black). However, we prefer to sell these second hand EURO pallets to companies that also buy non-EURO pallets from us or who buy used EURO pallets of both qualities (1st and 2nd) combined, on the same lorry.
Note: We cannot ensure firm quantities for this type of pallets as second hand EURO pallets are recovered from the market and the stock can fluctuate a lot. Please contact us to see if and how many second hand EURO pallets we have in stock at a certain time and at what prices.


Pallet length 1200 mm.
Pallet width 800 mm.
Pallet height between 119 and 145 mm.
Boards width between 70 and 145 mm.
Boards  thickness between 13 and 22 mm.
No. of deck boards 5, 7, 9 pcs.
Blocks height 80 mm.
Blocks Width/Length between 70 and 145 mm.
Nail type twisted
Nail Length UIC standard
Nail Diameter UIC standard
Nail application method pneumatic
Material beech, oak, hornbeam, fir, pine, spruce, douglas, poplar
Payload  up to 5000 kg.


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