Pallet top caps: wooden grating

Pallet top caps (i.e. the top part of the pallet, nicknamed in practice and "Grating") have mainly two uses: merchandise separators or counters for industrial shelves. In both cases, you can find photos of their use in the "Photos" section of this product.

If pallet and euro pallets caps are used as merchandise separators, the purpose is to optimise transport costs. In this case, the transported goods must meet the following conditions: to be relatively light, to be low, to be straight (flat) at the top so that it wouldn’t be damaged by the top cap.
Top caps are applied over the goods on the pallet (on top of the goods) and another loaded pallet can be placed on top. Thus, a lorry can carry double/triple/etc. the number of loaded pallets up to the trailer height or the maximum lorry payload (the first of the two).
The pallet top cap becomes the support for another loaded pallet. Depending on how low and/or light the goods are, you can put two or even more rows of goods in a lorry.
This way of packaging vs. transport works perfectly especially over long distances and/or when the goods are light and of low value. In such situations, it is worth investing in pallet top caps, as their cost is much lower than the cost of a new transport.

If pallet top caps are used as counters, they are usually used for industrial shelves consisting of two bars 1-1.2 m apart, when pallets with goods less than 1.2 m long are placed on the shelf.
In some situations, the role of these wooden counters is also safety. Even if the loaded pallets on the shelf are long enough to stand on the two bars, forklift manoeuvres to place or lift pallets on or from the shelf may cause a loaded pallet to fall between the bars of the shelf, over a loaded pallet on the shelf below. In other situations, pallets stored on the two bars of the shelf bend under the weight of the goods and the role of the wooden counters is to prevent the pallets from bending. This avoids pallet deformation during storage on shelves or even their falling over pallets on the shelves below because, during storage, if a pallet bends excessively, there are very high chances it will fall between the two bars. Thus, the role of these wooden caps used as counters is also to strengthen the safety at work in production/storage halls.

Separators differ from counters. For separators, usually two rows of boards are used widthways (3 pcs. on top and 3 pcs. at the bottom). For counters, only one row of boards is used widthways (3 pcs. on top) and the two side boards widthways are drawn inside exactly by the width of the shelf bars; these side boards act as stoppers (the counter cannot move between the 2 shelf bars).


Pallet length 600-6000 mm.
Pallet width 600-6000 mm.
Pallet height between 99 and 66 mm.
Boards width between 70 and 120 mm.
Boards thickness between 13 and 22 mm.
No. of deck boards 5, 7, 9, 11 pcs.
Nail type twisted
Nail Length between 38 and 80 mm.
Nail Diameter between 2.3 and 2.5 mm.
Nail application method pneumatic
Material beech, oak, hornbeam, fir, pine, spruce, douglas, poplar
 Payload  up to 2000 kg.


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