Perimiter pallets :  GALIA standard (auto industry)

These different sizes perimeter pallets are mainly used in the automotive industry and are made according to the GALIA standard.

They differ from Pallets or EURO pallets in that the GALIA pallet has 5 boards (2 widthways and 3 lengthwise) on the bottom deck, while European standard pallets have only 3 boards on the bottom deck (only lengthwise or just widthways).

On this pallet, it is very common practice to apply (by stapling) a cardboard box, again obtaining a standardised product in the automotive industry (on different specific dimensions).

The pallet can have 5, 6 or 7 boards on top and can be made from various wood types.

The GALIA model is mainly used as a disposable pallet ("light" or "one-way"). The board are usually 13 mm thick. The average weight usually placed on this type of pallet is up to 400 kg in the automotive industry.
In other cases (especially when pallets are loaded with metal, heavy parts), the load on these pallets can reach or even exceed two tons and the pallet then has a more robust configuration, with at least 7 boards on top, which can be up to 22 mm thick.

The main advantage of these pallets is their bending resistance. This advantage comes from its bottom boards (on the floor), both lengthwise and widthways. The risk of a pallet bending generally occurs when the goods protrude from the pallet and are pulled into the lane. If this risk occurs, it is recommended to use GALIA pallets for safe storage or transport.

A "disadvantage" of GALIA pallets would be their actual transport - since they have boards on the bottom deck both widthways and lengthwise, they cannot be "coupled" and thus a stack can have 20 pallets at the most, while standard pallets can be transported in 35 pallets per stack.


Pallet length 600-2000 mm.
Pallet width 600-2000 mm.
Pallet height between 119 and 139 mm.
Boards width between 70 and 80 mm.
Boards  thickness between 13 and 22 mm.
No. of deck boards 5, 6, and 6 pcs.
Blocks height 80 mm.
Blocks Width/Length 140 and 80 mm..
Nail type twisted
Nail Length between 38 and 80 mm.
Nail Diameter between 2.3 and 2.5 mm.
Nail application method pneumatic
Material beech, oak, hornbeam, fir, pine, spruce, douglas, poplar
Payload  up to 1500 kg.


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