Mainly, our company makes two types of softwood timber: merchandise separators and timber for construction.

Our clients use softwood merchandise separators in their packaging activities. Some companies, for example, separate the rows of merchandise on a pallet using softwood elements, such as bars (7x7 or 8x8 cm), slats or boards. The production of merchandise separators is one of our main activities because this type of timber is usually ordered together with pallets or euro pallets and, therefore, they have priority in production because pallets are our basic activity.

Softwood timber for constructions is a secondary activity for us. We take orders for such timber only if we have free production capacity after orders for basic products.
With state-of-the-art equipment that allows computer-based precision cutting, lasers, modern guides etc., our company can execute high quality cut softwood timber. We can make timber of smaller sizes (boards, spars, slats) and larger sizes (rafters, beams, planks). Unlike warehouses, where timber comes in standard sizes, the advantage we can offer our clients is customisation in terms of length, width and thickness (for example: if you need 5.4 m beams, we can cut them exactly to this size, while timber warehouses sell a standard of 6 m and you will have a loss of 0.6 m.). The price is the same but we eliminate the loss. Our timber comes cheaper in terms of the final price.

We make softwood timber (in the order of the annual cut volume): spruce, fir, douglas, pine, larch.

Softwood timber is edged or unedged and, on request, it can be industrially dried down to 14% moisture or heat treated according to the IPPC - ISPM15 standard.



Length 0.25 - 8 m.
Width 2 - 50 cm.
Height 2 - 50 cm.
Wood spruce, fir, douglas, pine, larch
Packaging metal banded packages, 1-1.5 m3, 1.5 t max. 1.5 t.
Processed drying yes (on request)
Heat treatment yes (on request)
Other specifications edged or unedged (on request)


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