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In addition to our products, we can also offer you the following services:

Heat treatment

Heat treatment

We can heat treat wood according to the ISPM15 standard (½ hours at +56 °C).
We are ISPM15 licensed, with code RO-CS-26.

see details here
Wood drying

Wood drying

We own a high capacity industrial dryer and we can dry wood to the moisture content required by the client in a short time.

see details here


If our client requests, we also can provide transport for our goods, both in the country and abroad.

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Product development

  • If a customer has a technical drawing for the pallet, this first step is skipped. Otherwise, on request, we offer professional services for pallet design. This first step includes collecting information as objective as possible about:

    • Client’s industry
    • Client’s products
    • Type of storage
    • Storage conditions
    • Handling
    • Transportation
    • Packaging
    • If the pallet needs to be heat treated
    • If the pallet needs to be dried
    • If the pallet will be recovered or not
    • Number of uses
    • Other special requirements
    Based on this information, the pallet is designed and the technical drawing is made, see more details here .
  • The first step in our manufacturing process includes preparing and cutting logs to make pallet components: boards and blocks (feet). This first step includes, as the case may be:

    • Log trimming
    • Log debarking
    • Log cleaning
    • Log washing
    • Band saw cutting
    • Pendulum circular saw cutting
    • Multiblade circular saw cutting
    • Simple circular saw cutting
    • Board sorting
    • Block sorting
    • Pallet component stacking
    • Quality check
    More details about our log preparation and cutting process can be found here.
  • The second step in our manufacturing process includes the actual assembly of the pallet and, as the case may be, its treatment or drying. This first step includes, as the case may be:

    • Board sorting
    • Block sorting
    • Debarking
    • Sawdust cleaning
    • Material arrangement
    • Nailing
    • Chip removal
    • Board grooving
    • Block stamping
    • Stacking
    • Banding
    • Quality check
    More details about our pallet assembly process can be found here.
  • When a client wants the ordered products (either pallets or timber) to be heat treated and/or dried, the manufacturing process also includes the following steps:

      • Dryer sterilisation
      • Dryer loading
      • Dryer heating
      • Keeping at the optimum temperature
      • Electronic monitoring
      • Repeated checks in the chamber
    • Air temperature measurement
    • Air humidity measurement
    • Wood temperature measurement
    • Wood moisture content measurement
    • Automatic chart recording
    • Issue of documents for the client
    More details about our heat treatment process can be found here and about wood drying can be found here .
  • We offer our clients, on request, transport in the country and abroad. The merchandise is usually packed for shipment according to standard principles in the field or specific principles, if there are special requirements from the client regarding the packaging. These two stages include:

    • Collecting information about packaging
    • Collecting information about the transport
    • Packet volume calculation
    • Stack / lorry calculation
    • Tonnage estimation
    • First transport simulation
    • Simple packaging (straps)
    • PP strap packaging
    • Metal sheet band packaging
    • Transport contracting
    • One last qualitative check
    • Loading in the lorry
    More information about transport and packaging can be found here.