The company provides pallet shipping only at the client's request.

The shipping price is negotiable depending on the quantity of pallets ordered.

The quantities that can be transported depending on the product, for pallets or EURO pallets that can be loaded in a lorry, according to the standard models displayed on this site, vary between 650 and 800 pallets or euro pallets / loaded lorry.

Please take into account that orders for pallets/EURO pallets smaller than as required for a full lorry will have the same transport fee. Orders for pallets smaller than would fit in a full lorry will have increased transport costs / pallet and the final pallet price will also increase.

As regards the quantity of timber or pallet components, a maximum of 24 m3 / lorry can be loaded; in general, 1 m3 of merchandise / 1 package.

Firewood is loaded up to 24 tons / lorry, whether it is logs or split firewood: loose or palletised. If the firewood is green, 22-23 pallets (or m3) of firewood are loaded onto a lorry while up to 26 pallets of firewood can be loaded if dry.

Beech waste and resinous waste can amount to 24 pallets per lorry regardless of weight.

We don’t transport the merchandise ourselves. We sign contracts for national and international transport services with various freight transport companies in Romania. We guarantee our clients that we negotiate each contract and get the most advantageous prices for the transport of the merchandise to our customers.

We provide transport only for our own products and we do not provide transport services as a separate service.