Beech wood scraps: Palletised firewood

"Beech wood scraps" is a product of the "Firewood" category that results from our main activity - the manufacture of pallets and from the secondary manufacture of beech timber.

The resulted wood scraps is cut into suitable sizes for boilers, tile stoves or in bakery/pizza ovens and packed in standard pallets of firewood of 1x1x1.8 m3.

Beech wood scraps pallets contain 1 m3 of wood (wood scraps). Green (or freshly cut) wood scraps has around one ton/m3 and dry, after a warm season, it has around 800 kg/m3, while after two warm seasons their weight drops to 700 kg/m3.

Beech wood scraps is excellent for pizzerias and bakeries. We deliver most of our beech wood scraps to bakeries.

A great advantage of beech wood scraps is that it is thinner and it will quickly dry.

We deliver beech wood scraps all over the country on normal lorries (prime mover + trailer with tarpaulin, 13.6 ml), provided that, when a transport is desired, at least one full lorry is ordered, i.e. 24 pallets (or cubic meters). For deliveries to individuals, apart from the minimum quantity per order, a forklift must be provided for unloading or at least 5 people for manual unloading when the lorry arrives. There must be access for lorries down to the unloading destination and there should be no road restrictions under 22 t down to the unloading destination (in some localities, a local tax must be paid if a certain number of tons is exceeded).


Box-Pallet length 1 m.
Box-Pallet width 1 m.
Box-Pallet height 1.8 m.
Box-Pallet volume 1 mc.
Box-Pallet weight max 1 t. green / min. 700 kg. dry
Wood type beech
No. of pallets / full truck 24 pcs.
Minimum order for this product 24 pcs.


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