Our secondary activity is the manufacture of timber for pallets, or EURO pallets for other pallet and EURO pallet companies in Romania or EU countries.

Prices for pallet timber are per cubic meter of wood or for the total requirement of pallet timber for subsequent assembly of a pallet. Regardless of price quoting, invoicing is in cubic meters according to the laws in force in Romania.

Usually, pallet blocks are shaped as long boards, at a length of 1.5-2 m, which have two of the three block sides and the pallet manufacturer will have to section the stringers on the last block side. Thus, pallet timber for blocks can be transported in packages similar to those for timber. At the customer's request, blocks can be cut on all 3 sides, in which case they will be packaged in crates. We do not recommend this due to the much higher production cost and the higher final price.

For EURO pallets (EUR/EPAL pallets), we make pallet timber according to the EUR/EPAL standards in force.

If necessary, our company can perform drying and heat treatment according to the ISPM15 standard, as well as transport anywhere in Romania or EU countries for the pallet timber made.

We mention that we make pallet timber only when we have free production capacities from the production of pallets and EURO pallets.



Length 0.6 - 6 m.
Width 5 - 14.5 cm.
Height 1 - 3.5 cm.
Wood beech, oak, spruce, fir, douglas, pine, larch, poplar, linden
Packaging metal banded packages, 1-2 m3, max. 1.5 t.
Processed drying yes (on request)
Heat treatment yes (on request)
Pallet blocks As stringers (semi-finished - 2 sides) or cubes (finished - 3 sides)


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