Firewood: split and palletised

As a secondary activity, periodically, our company also produces palletised firewood.

Palletised firewood is split to 25, 33 or 50 cm lengths, at a thickness between 5 and 15 cm. Usually, the customer requires the firewood to be split thinner or thicker, depending on preference and use.

For the product firewood, we use only hardwood logs with high heat output. The largest amount of firewood we make is from beech. Depending on the offer on the log market, we can also offer firewood from species such as hornbeam, sky, holm or oak.

Firewood is packed in standard box-pallets of 1x1x1.8 m. with 1 m3 of wood. The weight of a pallet is 1-1.1 t./m3 green and around 800-850 kg./m3 after it dries. Drying is done naturally in the warm season and industrialised in the cold season. Our capacity for industrial drying of firewood is about 200 pallets (or cubic meters) per month.

Note: We make firewood regularly and we cannot ensure contracts with firm deliveries. If you want to find out if we have firewood in stock or when it will go into stock, please use the Contact Form or the "Ask for a quote" section of this product.


Box-Pallet length 1 m.
Box-Pallet width 1 m.
Box-Pallet height 1.8 m.
Box-Pallet volume 1 mc.
Box-Pallet weight max 1.1 t. green / min. 850 kg. dry
Firewood length 25 cm or 33 cm or 50 cm
Firewood thickness 5-15 cm
Wood type beech, hornbeam, holm, oak
No. of pallets / full truck green: 22 pallets (or m3) dry : 24 pallets (or m3)
Minimum order for this product green: 22 pallets (or m3) dry : 24 pallets (or m3)


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