Industrial pallets: standard 1200x1000

The second most widely used standard pallet in Europe is the 1200x1000 mm or 1000x1200 mm pallet. (if the boards are placed in opposite direction on its lower side).

This type of pallet is wider, as the structure usually has two more boards than the 1200x800 pallet. The top deck has 7 boards (instead of 5) and, depending on the merchandise and other specific requirements, the pallet may have 9 or 11 boards on top.

It is generally intended for goods of greater width and it is used in all industries. This model is used as a standard pallet in certain industries, such as the automotive and chemical industries. Many factories prefer the 1200x1000 pallet for storage instead of the 1200x800 pallet because its width has the advantage of loading and unloading more goods and faster onto and from the shelves. It is more bending resistant (when the shelf is made of only two bars) because it has more boards on the top deck and they covers the entire length of the shelf, being placed on a multiple of 1 ml.

As in the case of 800x1200 pallets, our company also makes the standard 1000x1200 pallet, more as industrial pallets, intended mainly for the transfer of goods from one factory to another (B2B). This model can also be made as a "disposable", "light" or "one-way" pallet or up to the level of a higher strength returnable pallet (load bearing capacity up to 3000 kg.). Thus, depending on the load placed on the pallet, its components are configured (in terms of width and thickness) at the maximum size needed to withstand the use, thus obtaining an optimised cost for the client.

For transport, on a lorry with a 13.6 ml semi-trailer, 26 x 1200x1000 pallets with goods can be placed in a row, 52 pallets in two rows or 78 pallets in three rows. When pallets are placed in several rows, merchandise separators (pallet top caps, slats or wooden bars) can also be used so that the pallet above would not affect the pallet below.


Pallet length 1200 mm.
Pallet width 1000 mm.
Pallet height between 119 and 145 mm.
Boards width between 70 and 145 mm.
Boards  thickness between 13 and 22 mm.
No. of deck boards 5, 7, 9, 11 pcs.
Blocks height 80 mm.
Blocks Width/Length between 70 and 145 mm.
Nail type twisted
Nail Length between 38 and 80 mm.
Nail Diameter between 2.3 and 2.5 mm.
Nail application method pneumatic
Material beech, oak, hornbeam, fir, pine, spruce, douglas, poplar
Payload  up to 3000 kg.


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