Plastic pallets: standard or custom

Hard ultra-hard plastic pallets, easy to wash and clean, ideal for transport/storage under rigorous hygienic conditions of products in the pharmaceutical, food or other similar industries.

The most common sizes for this type of pallets are like those of wooden pallets: 1200x800 mm, 1200x1000 mm. But they can also be custom size if an order is made for at least one full lorry of that size because, in production, a mould is changed only when the minimum quantity required for a lorry full of pallets of that size is to be made.

Their load-bearing capacity is between 800 and 1000 kg for dynamic loads and up to 1600 kg for static loads.

On request, these plastic pallets can have safety shoulders applied on edges, which are especially useful when there is a risk the goods will slip off the pallet.

These pallets have advantages during transport. Unlike wooden or Euro pallets that have a higher weight and are stacked paired (one with legs up and one with legs down), plastic pallets have a much bottom weight and are stacked in the nest (one enters the other). Practically about twice as many plastic pallets as wooden pallets fit in a lorry.

Another advantage is they do not need drying and meet the ISPM 15 standard from production, so they no longer need heat treatment.

The main disadvantages compared to wooden pallets: the price (much higher than wooden pallets), they cannot be repaired (if they break, they must be scrapped, while wooden pallets can have broken components replaced) and they are not biodegradable.


Pallet length 1200 mm.
Pallet width 800-1200 mm.
Pallet height 120 and 125 mm.
Boards width between 70 and 145 mm.
Material HDPE gray (recycled) or white
 Payload static load - 800-1000 kg, dynamic load - 1600 kg.


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