Stringers with and without grooves are a category of products located somewhat between construction timber and pallet components because these stringers with and without grooves look and have a larger format - like the timber, but their usefulness is that of pallet components.

Stringers with and without grooves are mainly used by factories that cannot use standard pallets or euro pallets because their products are not standard packaged, but in various sizes, according to client orders. Since their own merchandise comes in various sizes, the pallets will have to fit those sizes. Thus, the most efficient way to pack them is to purchase these stringers and then make the pallets in their own workshop.

If the merchandise is banded, the stringers that are used as pallet feet can have a groove at a width and depth specified by the client (usually the groove is made according to the strap size) so that the strap would go into this groove and not slip off the pallet foot.

Stringers with and without groove can be made of beech or softwood, depending on the type of goods and the use of the pallet. If the merchandise is longer or easily perishable, softwood is recommended, whereas beech is recommended for very heavy materials on smaller pallets.

Our company also makes wedges (used as props) from softwood or poplar for packing and transporting cylindrical parts on pallets. Usually, these props are applied to the top deck of grooved or not grooved stringer pallets.

In the photos of this product you can see examples of pallets built with stringers with and without groove and how to use them with or without wedges (propte) or how to pack goods on this type of pallets.



Length 0.25 - 8 m.
Width 2 - 50 cm.
Height 2 - 50 cm.
Wood beech, poplar, softwood
Packaging metal banded packages max. 1 t.
Processed drying yes (on request)
Heat treatment yes (on request)
Other specifications on request we can apply: milling on corners/ends or banding grooves


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