As a secondary activity (when we have free capacity left from the production of pallets and EURO pallets) we also make beech timber.

We can make edged, semi-edged (edged only on one side) or unedged beech timber, in quality classes A, AB, B and C, in three lengths: long (2+ m.), short (1- 1.95 m.) and shorter (0.2-0.95 m). We usually prefer to take orders from clients who can buy timber from all the three quality classes and lengths. Thickness is usually as required by the client. As for width, we only accept orders from clients who buy beech timber to the width resulting from the log so that we can optimise the log yield and avoid unnecessary losses of processed logs.

Depending on the client's request, we can deliver beech timber green (moisture content 30%+), aired (moisture content down to 30%), semi-dry (moisture content down to 24%) or dry (moisture content down to 18%).

Usually, beech timber is packed, depending on the size and moisture content, in packages of 1-1.5 cubic meters, weighing between 800 kg and 1.5 tons.


General characteristics:

Length 0.25 - 8 m.
Width 2 - 50 cm.
Height 2 - 50 cm.
Wood beech
Packaging metal banded packages, 1-1.5 m3, 1.5 t max. 1.5 t.
Processed drying yes (on request)
Heat treatment yes (on request)
Other specifications edged or unedged (on request)

Quality classes:

Class A  no red heart no knots
Class AB  red heart and/or knots are accepted according to the commercial agreement
Class B  red heart and/or knots are accepted according to the destination country standard
Class C  red heart and/or knots, cracks are accepted

Length categories

Long 2+ m.
Short 1 - 1.95 m.
Subshort 0.2 - 0.95 m.

Moisture content:

Green 30%+
Aired 25-30%
Semi-dry 19-24%
Dry 18% max.



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