Industrial wooden pallets: standard 1200x800 mm.

The 1200x800 pallet is the most widely used in the "standard pallet" category at European level.

Depending on client needs, our company can make standard sized industrial pallets: 800/1200 mm pallets, 1200/800 mm pallets, with pallet component configurations starting from "light" or "one-way" to higher strength returnable pallet.

A 800x1200 pallet can have on the top deck 5, 7 or 9 boards, depending on the type and weight of goods. The top deck boards can be both 1200 mm and 800 mm boards. Usually, the top deck boards are the same length as the bottom deck boards (boards to the floor), although (rarely) there are cases when the boards on the inner deck are the same length as the bottom deck boards. For example: an 800*1200 mm pallet can be made with 7 x 800 mm boards on the top deck, 3 x 1200 mm boards on the inner deck and 3 x 1200 mm on the bottom deck.

We can manufacture this pallet: as 4-way entry pallet European style (two entries on the 800 mm side and two entries on the 1200 mm side), the supports are 9 feet/cubes (blocks) or as an American style pallet with 2 entries (either on the 800 mm side or on the 1200 mm side), the supports are 3 x 800 mm stringers or 2 x 1200 mm stringers.

We mainly make these wooden pallets from hardwood - beech - but, on request, we can also make them from softwood such as poplar, coniferous wood, linden and others.

Its standard size makes this pallet fit perfectly in semi-trailer lorries. On a semi-trailer lorry (13.6 ml.) you can put 34 such pallets with goods in a single layer (row). There are cases when the goods (if light and low) can be transported in 2 or even 3 layers and then a semi-trailer lorry can be loaded with 68 or 102 pallets with merchandise.

When the merchandise is placed in several rows, our clients also order wooden merchandise separators (grates, blades or bars) so that a pallet sitting above would not affect the merchandise on the pallet below.

1200*800 pallets (as well as the rest of the wooden pallets we make) can also be phytosanitary treated or dried at the client's request.


Pallet length 1200 mm.
Pallet width 800 mm.
Pallet height between 119 and 145 mm.
Boards width between 70 and 145 mm.
Boards thickness between 13 and 22 mm.
No. of deck boards 5, 7, 9 pcs.
Blocks height 80 mm.
Blocks Width/Length between 70 and 145 mm.
Nail type twisted
Nail Length between 38 and 80 mm.
Nail Diameter between 2.3 and 2.5 mm.
Nail application method pneumatic
Material beech, oak, hornbeam, fir, pine, spruce, douglas, poplar
 Payload  up to 5000 kg.


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