Firewood: from timber, palletised

This timber firewood comes mainly from ends of beech timber planks or various other elements (thick) of timber, but also faulty timber portions (knots, cracks, wrong cuts etc.).

The most common thickness (over 95%) of this firewood is 5.5 cm; the width and length are different.

As in the case of split firewood, it is packed in standard pallets 1x1x1.8 m, but for this type of firewood the pallets no longer have 1 m3, but 1.3-1.4 m3 because being made of timber, the corners of the wood are at 90° and the arrangement in the pallet is made with much fewer air gaps than in the case of split firewood.

Another important aspect for this firewood (from beech timber) is that it generally comes from the beech heart and it usually has knots. The heat output/m3 is higher than that of split firewood or beech waste. So the fire in the boiler will last longer and you will get more heat. 


Box-Pallet length 1 m.
Box-Pallet width 1 m.
Box-Pallet height 1.8 m.
Box-Pallet volume 13-1.4 mc.
Box-Pallet weight max 1.6 t. green / min. 1.1 t. dry
Firewood length N/A
Firewood thickness 5.5 cm
Wood type beech
No. of pallets / full truck green: 15 pallets (or m3) dry : 22 pallets (or m3)
Minimum order for this product green: 15 pallets (or m3) dry : 22 pallets (or m3)


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